Mission Statement

The Meyer Fund for Adult Literacy, AIDS, the Advancement of Global Democracy, Military Family Assistance, and Childhood Obesity is leading the fight against the merciless fivefold scourges of adult readinglessness, AIDS, global anti-democracy, neglect of our military families, and childhood obesity through advocacy, awareness-raising, teaching people to read, encouraging them to avoid certain high risk behaviors, supporting democracy and democratic institutions, also supporting our brave servicemen and women and their family members, and telling our young people to eat sensibly and much, much less. We also encourage people to have hope.

President Selina Meyer’s own daughter Catherine’s lifelong struggle with dyslexia forced her to become a dance major and has left her with impaired communication skills to this day. Inspired by her daughter’s ordeal, President Meyer is deeply committed to the important but often forgotten cause of adult literacy. According to the most recent government statistics, adult illiteracy and semi-literacy leads to hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries, and billions of dollars in lost wages and productivity every year.

While there is no AIDS in President Meyer’s immediate family, she regards all those living with AIDS as part of her extended “family.” “Unless we begin treating people with AIDS like our own brothers and sisters, our own sons and daughters, we cannot hope to win this seemingly endless battle,” Meyer has said.

Moreover, having participated in electoral politics for almost her entire adult life, few players on the world stage have a deeper and more intimate understanding of democracy than Selina Meyer. Along with billions of oppressed peoples worldwide, she dreams that one day everyone on Earth will have the freedom to select their ownleaders, for better or worse.

And who safeguards our precious democracy? Why our Armed Forces, that’s who! As president, Selina Meyer was proud to “lead the charge” to protect and serve military families while their family member or members are serving and protecting us. Now, as a former president, she has a special understanding of the problems facing our veterans who, having served in our Army, Navy, etc., find themselves unappreciated, bored, unemployed, and, periodically, deeply depressed.

In addition to her learning disorder and mental health problems, Catherine Meyer has also struggled with weight issues throughout her life. Either she weighed too much or she weighed too little. She just couldn’t seem to “get it right.”Through the Meyer Fund, President Meyer wants to share the gift of the constructive criticism which she gave to her daughter. Meyer’s “tough love” and “no excuses” approach eventually helped Catherine get “her act” together although, of course, maintaining one’s appearance requires constant vigilance.

Wherever there is a problem -- be it in any of our five primary areas of focus or elsewhere -- you will find the Meyer Fund working for change.

Selina's Suggestion of the Week

"It’s a myth that you can motivate yourself to lose weight by imagining yourself thinner. In my experience, the only thing that works is to imagine yourself much, much fatter."


Richard Bio
Richard Splett
Chief-of-Staff to President Meyer
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Richard Splett was formerly the Director of Communications for New Hampshire Congressman Jonah Ryan. A native of Iowa, Splett attended Yale as an undergraduate and received graduate degrees in Constitutional Law and Veterinary Medicine from the Illinois Institute of Technology. His outside interests include collecting and restoring antique shoe horns and trees, recreational pub brawling, the mysterious stone heads (moai) of Easter Island, Civil War reenactments, Basque cuisine, model rocketry, light opera, tropical fish, Wing suit (husky) flying, and movies, particularly the work of director Paul Verhoeven.
Marjorie Bio
Marjorie Palmiotti
Executive Director
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Marjorie Palmiotti was born on the Cree-Chippewa Reservation in Montana, attended tribal schools, and received a full athletic scholarship to Purdue University for volleyball. She served with the 1st Battalion 3rd Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of Operation Phantom Fury and Operation Enduring Freedom. She received a Bronze Star for her actions during the Second Battle of Fallujah. Palmiotti was honorably discharged as a master gunnery sergeant whereupon she joined the Secret Service, serving on the Presidential Detail.
Andrew Bio
Andrew Meyer
Director of Fundraising
Mike Bio
Mike McLintock
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Mike McLintock has a long association with President Meyer, having worked in various capacities on her campaigns for the House and Senate and as her Director of Communications during her terms as vice-president and president. A graduate of American University, he is married to Wendy Handler, a style reporter for the Washington Post and the proud father of a daughter, Ellen, age 5, and twins Maude & Milo, 16 months.
Amy Bio
Amy Brookheimer
Deputy Chief-of-Staff
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Amy Brookheimer is widely regarded as one of the sharpest young political operatives in the country. A perennial fixture on the Hill’s annual Hot List, Brookheimer is the former chief-of-staff for vice president Selina Meyer and then served as the campaign manager for Meyer’s presidential campaign. Most recently, she was the campaign manager for Nevada gubernatorial candidate Buddy Calhoun. A graduate of Denison University, her hobbies include jogging and Pilates.